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Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, John Tyler and William Henry Harrison
Executive or Governor's Mansion Residence

Four future presidents have lived in the Virginia Governor's Mansion, including three as governor – Jefferson, Monroe and Tyler.  William Henry Harrison also resided in the house when his father was governor. The mansion has been the official residence of Virginia's governor since 1799, and has been refurbished many times. It was heavily damaged by fire in 1926 and little of the original 18th-century structure exists today. 

Address: Capitol Square, Richmond, VA

Phone Number: To schedule a tour, call (804) 371-8687 or e-mail


James Monroe and John Tyler
Hollywood Cemetery Gravesite

Both James Monroe and John Tyler's gravesites are located in Hollywood Cemetery near Richmond, Virginia.

James Monroe died in New York City on July 4, 1831 and was originally interred in the city's Marble Cemetery. On the 100th anniversary of his birth (1858), municipal officials and representatives from Virginia organized his reburial in Hollywood Cemetery.   

John Tyler is buried beside his second wife, Julia Gardiner.  The memorial monument that now marks his grave was dedicated by Congress in 1915. 

Address: 412 S Cherry St; Richmond, VA 23220 

Phone Number: (804) 648-8501 


Thomas Jefferson
Tuckahoe Plantation
Boyhood Home

Tuckahoe Plantation, situated along the James River, was the boyhood home of Thomas Jefferson for 7 years and where he obtained his elementary education.  The mansion, outbuildings, surrounding gardens and land constitute an outstanding example of a typical 18th-century Virginia plantation.  Open to the public by appointment only.   

Phone number:  (804) 784-5736 


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